Will Santa Bring New Jobs?

According to this, Santa or the Easter Bunny may be bringing us some new employment opportunities!  Check out what the Jacksonville Business Journal has to say!


Economists predict first-quarter hiring – Jacksonville Business Journal:.

Are They Beating A Path to Your Door?

America’s Job Coach spent Saturday, November 14 at the Nebraska Book Festival in Lincoln, NE at the Nebraska State Historical Society. I was there to network and promote “Laid Off and Loving It For 2010.” There were approximately 40 vendors present who set up tables to “hawk” their books or book-related services. Public foot traffic was good and the event had good guests, award winners, and presenters. On hand was Ted Kooser, National Poet laureate and Harley Jane Kozak, Hollywood actress and successful novelist/mystery writer. Harley presented a great writing workshop.

I hear you asking “How does that apply to me and my quest for a job upgrade?” Here is the answer:

P and N which means: PROMOTION and NICHE.

Over the next couple of blog posts, I’ll discuss how several authors and booksellers at the festival have had good success selling their books. Their sales did not come from events like the festival alone. Few had customers beating a path to their table (door).

Yet, many of the exhibitors present told me how they have had reasonable success selling their books. Why? How did the booksellers there sell thousands of books over the years? A quick glance at their topics answers the question:

It is their NICHES. Their lovely books were on topics of interest to MAYBE 1% of the book-reading population. BUT, and this is a big “but,” that 1% was / is loyal, devoted, passionate, and are HAPPY to spend $19.95 or $29.95 or whatever on a book that applies to THEM.

I’ll discuss specific examples in the next couple of posts, but in the meantime I challenge you to translate nichemanship into your professional goals and lives:

What skills, knowledge, experience, training, background, activities, passions, volunteer projects, unique family situations, workplace histories do YOU possess that can be “exploited” to a job market niche out there, or into a small business endeavor?

For example, were you part of a growth industry in the past but that industry isn’t as hot now? Well, how can you package that experience into something that a present day, fast-growth employer will appreciate? Even though your experience may have been in a different industry, your skills CAN translate into helping a new company in a different industry because you have “been there, done that.” Who else may need those skills?

As always, kindly send your comments of examples of your successes or failures along this line to this blog. I’d love to hear how tight, niche marketing helped or hurt YOU. And the gentle readers of this blog stand ready to offer helpful advice as always. Which niche will you own?

Next posts: specific examples of personal niche marketing!

Breaking News: 89.2% Are Now Employed!

From the glass is half full department: 89.2 % of the nation’s workforce is EMPLOYED!

This headline is a simple reminder to stay as optimistic as possible when the media is trumpeting the “worst unemployment rate in 26 years.” Nobody who is looking for work wants to hear that negative drumbeat!

So what to do if you seek better/new employment while things are in a downward spiral?

Some people have responded by “going solo.” This is where they assess their strengths, package their abilities to address their niche, and then peddle their wares/skills as independents.

Entire books have been written about this strategy and its inherent pluses and minuses. “Laid Off and Loving It For 2010” also addresses this topic in several chapters.

The reason this strategy may be practical now is that there is still work to be done “out there.” The stock market is up over the recent past because companies have cut labor costs to the bone but are still selling some stuff. Their lower costs have translated into good stock market results.

But, as mentioned, there is still work to be done out there. And employers like their thin/tight staffs, but realize that they still need some hands on the deck to keep their boats running.

Except for the Information Technology industry, this “going solo” approach may be a way for you to help firms get their work done. Using your talents as a solo practitioner may allow employers to bring you in and pay you while NOT having to add the new hires which they seem to be against adding.

More on this topic across the next few weeks. In the meantime, share YOUR stories of solo success or even failure here in this blog. Let’s learn from each other and celebrate that over 89% of the workforce is employed!

America’s Job Coach

Is This Keeping You Up At Night?

While networking is amoung the best ways to land a new/better job, it is still wise to check out the job boards for trends, leads and ideas. Here is something to keep you up all night…from our friends at www.mashable.com, here are MANY great job boards and sources of positions. Happy hunting and be sure to get some sleep!

America’s Job Coach

href=”http://www.alumwire.com/login.php”>Alumwire.com – Focusing on job searches for college graduates and young alumni.


Amiko – Online resume generator.

AuthenticJobs.com – Listings of companies looking for full-time and freelance web designers.

Bixee.com – Search by keywords, location, or browse by industry.

BookALesson.com – A site for personal instructors in sports and music to find students.

Care.com – Babysitting, nanny, child care, tutoring, pet care and senior care jobs.


Careerbuilder.com – General job search site.

Clickforlessons.com – Jobs board for private instructors in sports, art, music and the like.

Climber.com – Fill out a survey about yourself and get matched to a job by your interests.

CompanyMeetCreative.com – Part time, freelance, and contract job offerings for creative types.

Considerati.com – Technical job listings in Europe.

CoolWorks.com – Job listings for summer and seasonal jobs at national parks and resorts.

Coroflot.com – Allows for creatives to publish an online portfolio and search for jobs.

Craigslist.com – The infamous Craigslist(). Select your city and search for jobs in your area.

Cvwarehouse.com – Lets you search for jobs in a confidential manner.

Daylo.com – Post yourself, list any specialized skills you could bring to a job.

Elance.com – Focus on freelance work related to graphics, web design, and content creation.

Eluta.com – Job searches focusing on Canada.

Emurse.com – Helps you convert your resume in to the hResume format for online use.

Findlaw.com – Focusing on hooking up lawyers with clients.

FreshWebJobs – Full-time and freelance web developer jobs.

GetAFreelancer.com – People looking for freelancers of all types.
GiggedUp.com – Post video resumes of yourself

Glendor.com – Currently only covers San Francisco, shows jobs by markers on a Google() map. Plans to expand to other cities later.

GoFreelance.com – Assortment of freelance jobs that allow you to work from home.

HireAHelper.com – Localized handyman jobs, post your availablility, get hired.

iHipo.com – International jobs and internships.

ILoveMyNanny.com – Directed solely to putting nannies together with families.

Indeed – Searches several job sites, newspapers, associations and company career pages.

Isabont.com – Helps you manage your job search by letting you organize yourself.

Job-a-matic.com – Post job listings, and even add a job board to your existing site

Jobazaar.com – Focuses on small jobs, all the way down to needing someone to mow the yard.

Jobburner.com – Focusing on technical jobs, post your resume and search for jobs.

JobBoardReviews.com – Reviews job boards and helps you pick the right one for you.

JobDig.com – Dedicated to the Midwest, focuses on employment, training and opportunities.

Jobfox.com – Fill out your profile, view your job matches, and let people hunt for you.

Jobneters.com – Jobs from multiple countries, earn rewards for referring others

Sidejobtrack.com – Job tracking, invoicing, reporting & project management for the part-time independent contractor.

SimplyHired.com – Millions of jobs harvested from numerous sources.

Talentdatabase.com – Jobs boards for creative types such as artists, actors, dancers, musicians and much more.

TalentSpring.com – Features a resume builder, get your peers to review, and then search for jobs.

Talkbean.com – Connecting students and teachers from all over the world.

Tutorlinker.com – Tutors list your profiles and let students find you.

Tutorz.com – Specifically made to help tutors and students connect.

WebProJobs.com – Designed with web professionals in mind, features full-time and freelance jobs.

Whototalkto.com – Give people leads in to your former job, while getting tips on the one you want to get.

WiziQ.com – Connecting teachers and students for distance learning.

WorkTree.com – Job search engine with browsable categories including government jobs and Fortune 1000 companies.

Yahoo HotJobs – Jobs board owned by one of the largest web companies.

YorZ.com – Search for jobs or network with people inside your industry.

YourOnRamp.com – Focusing on career women trying to balance work and a personal life.

Zubka.com – Based in the UK, find jobs for yourself and earn money for referring friends to other jobs.


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Source: http://www.mashable.com

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Two Girls For Every Boy!

In 1963, the song Surf City was recorded by a young, feel-good band named The Beach Boys.  It was the number one song on Billboard  Magazine‘s Top 100 (according to www.Wikipedia.com).  Some people who are ‘Over-50 Types’ might even remember when the song hit gold. 

What a fun concept for millions (of especially young men) to think about — a place where the girls may have worn an Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini, AND there were also two girls for every one boy!  Wow!  

First Wave Boomers were not alone in their indoctrination to this song however. It went on to be enjoyed by millions more who were born later and grew up hearing it at wedding dances and theme parties for decades to come. Throngs (not thongs!) of youth heard it for dozens of years and it became a part of culture.

Fast forward 45 years or so. Instead of ‘Two Girls for Every Boy,‘ now we have “Six Seekers For Every Job.”

A recent editorial by Paul Krugman of The New York Times included the statistic that we are now seeing six job seekers pursuing every one available job.  That doesn’t sound near as much fun as Two Girls for Every Boy. This level of competition for work looks like it is going to be with us awhile. It may become part of our culture…

If you are stuck in a job you don’t like, or you are out of work, that culture thought might be depressing.  Don’t let it bring you down!  Three out of five 50-something laid off people I know have recently found jobs! Collectively, they were competing against hundreds of other job seekers. But, they managed to land something despite the long odds.   

But the numbers are still the numbers. We are probably stuck in a “hot mess” with regard to optimal employment for at least the forseeable future. So what do you do?

A short answer is similar to what you may have heard already. If your line of work is clogged with too many competitors for too few jobs, you may need to reinvent yourself. This topic is addressed in many, many good books out there so I won’t go into detail. The short version is this:

  • Take what you know better than anyone else, repackage it, remold it, add a new, big dash of passion to it,  get someone smarter than you to review your efforts, and give it a whirl. 
  • Maybe you now can become a consultant to your former industry, or to a niche you have followed for a long time? Maybe you can boldly approach your former employer with a new “value-add” proposition or TwitterVator Speech? Maybe the time is finally getting close where you can turn your hobby into a small business?

I won’t expand much here, but instead invite readers to comment. Free job coaching by this blog’s participants may be helpful if you are struggling with how to reinvent yourself. But you have to be willing to ask for the help…

Let this group help to conquer your career crisis as you work to catch that perfect career wave and land your surfboard on an ideal beach of a job! 

Maybe comments by this blog’s readers will lead to Two Jobs for Every Boy (and Girl)!

Surf’s Up!

America’s Job Coach