Two Girls For Every Boy/Six Seekers For Every Job

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A similar post to the one below was made on November 2, 2009, but in light of today’s headline in the USA Today (6.4 Job Seekers For Every Job), I’ll repeat it below (in a shortened fashion). It was a popular post.

Two Girls For Every Boy!

In 1963, the song Surf City was recorded by a young band named The Beach Boys. It was the number one song on Billboard Magazine’s Top 100 back then. Some ‘Over-50 Types’ definately remember the song on AM radio.

What a fun concept to think about especially for young men — a place where the girls may have worn an Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini, AND there were TWO girls for every one boy! The song has been played for decades at wedding dances and theme parties etc.

Fast forward 45 years or so. Instead of ‘Two Girls for Every Boy,‘ now we have “Six Seekers For Every Job.”
A recent editorial by Paul Krugman of The New York Times included the statistic that we are now seeing six job seekers pursuing every one available job. (This was repeated in the news on January 13, 2010). That isn’t near as much fun as Two Girls for Every Boy. This level of competition for work looks like it is going to be with us awhile.

If you are stuck in a job you don’t like, or you are out of work, that thought might be depressing. But don’t let it bring you down! Three out of five 50-something laid off people I know have recently found jobs! Collectively, they were competing against hundreds of other job seekers. But, they managed to land something despite the long odds. But if you aren’t so lucky, what do you do?

If your line of work is clogged with too many competitors for too few jobs, you may need to reinvent yourself. The short version of how to do that is this:

» Take what you know better than anyone else, repackage it, remould it, add a new, big dash of passion to it, get someone smarter than you to review your efforts, and give it a whirl.

» Maybe you can become a consultant to your former industry, or to a niche you have followed for a long time?

Maybe you can boldly approach your former employer with a new ”value-add” proposition or TwitterVator Speech?

Maybe the time is finally getting close where you can turn your hobby into a small business?

Let’s hear from readers who have done this: Share your success stories and plug yourself here. Show the world how you reinvented yourself! Perhaps this blog can inspire you about how to catch that perfect career wave. Maybe comments by this blog’s readers will lead to Two Jobs for Every Boy (and Girl)!

Surf’s Up!

America’s Job Coach
Author of “Laid Off & Loving It for 2010”

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