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On Thursday, March 11 of 2010 the Omaha World Herald’s Money Section had an article about an Omaha group named CONTACT. This is a network of folks described in this manner on

“C.O.N.T.A.C.T. An informal network of professionals looking to C.ombine O.ur N.etworks T.o A.ccelerate C.areer T.ransitions! Each member (& alumni) supporting the other members through their individual professional networks. Note: Membership to the physical group is by invitation – at that point the virtual group is opened.”

The group has over 100 members who float in and out of attendance and I encourage anyone who seeks to upgrade their job situation to visit. America’s Job Coach is a member of this fine group and Greg Gagginni, President at Custom Solutions Consulting, is the volunteer sponsor (a little plug here for Greg: He runs a great consulting practice described at

The World Herald article told about some of the folks present at the event and what they were looking for. It described how the Omaha Chamber of Commerce , whose Rod Moseman spoke at the event, is very active with keeping our relatively robust economy going here.

America’s Job Coach was at the meeting to network for jobs, ideas, connections etc. and Steve Jordon, the article’s author, mentioned my book, “Laid Off & Loving It For 2010.” Cool!

One very interesting factoid coming out of that CONTACT/GOAL group meeting was that the Omaha Chamber of Commerce is about the 15th largest one in the nation. Considering there are over 40 cities larger than Omaha in the country, that says much about this town’s chamber! They are doing a good job of keeping and attracting commerce. Can you say Yahoo!

Well, thanks again to the Chamber for its input and the World Herald for the mention. Let’s all keep promoting networking in Omaha!

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Common Mistakes Job Hunters Make Online

Here is some great advice for people of any age from our friends at

Common Mistakes Job Hunters Make Online.

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