Are Women Smarter and More Employable?

In a word, “Yes.”

According to recent news stories, women now hold more degrees than men. Also, in the current “he-cession,” 10% of men are unemployed verses 8% of women.

You can slice and dice figures all day and make your own conclusions about these trends as stated by a 2009 US Census Bureau report, but the bottom line is the bottom line: More women than men have undergraduate and graduate degrees and men’s unemployment is higher than women’s.

Yes, you are right–perhaps women hold more jobs in government, healthcare and education which are areas that have not been hurt as much during the Great Recession, but guys…we need to pick it up a bit.

Let’s learn from the women…choose “stable” career fields, keep learning, and market yourself.

One tool to help guys (and gals) to do improved self-marketing is the Twittervator Speech-your sales pitch about you. It is your “compelling offer” which is both digestible and interesting for a potential employer. Oh yeah, it is done in 140 characters or less to accommodate today’s social media trends. Come on those of you over 50 years old…you can (and must?) play on this field!

America’s Job Coach is currently doing FREE Twittervator speeches to the first ten folks who request them. Just go to to contact me, or, you can open a dialog via your comments to this blog.

Learn more about TwitterVator Speeches in the blockbuster: “Laid Off & Loving It for 2010

And way to go women!

America’s Job Coach

Omaha Companies–Is It Safe To Go Into The Water?

Hi, America’s Job Coach here adding personal note to the otherwise job oriented blog…Thanks for allowing this mini-commercial message:

A friend of’s Job Coach, Bruce Crawford is hosting his 25th Omaha Film Event on May 21 and has really outdone himself this time: He is screening JAWS!

I won’t steal his thunder on the SPECIAL guest from the film who Bruce has coming, but suffice it to say that it will an event to remember! And there is still time to put your company on the map for this blockbuster event!

Bruce has asked to help promote the event so we can raise YOUR company’s profile as an arts contributor and as a company which wants to reward its employees with a VERY unique event!

Your executives can even DINE with this special guest from the movie if you buy a certain sponsorship package! Other packages include premier seating for 10, 20, 40 or 60 of your employees and other perks too.

Contact me here: paul “at” growmedia “dot” com if you’d like to learn more about your company’s opportunity to be part of this very cool event.

See to learn about past events. But contact us for more details about sponsorship packages!!

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Forrest Gump Meets The Dark Knight & Your Elevator Speech

The feds have told us things “aren’t quite as bad” out there for those seeking work. Tell that to someone who hasn’t yet found a job!

There are still more job seekers than jobs so what are YOU doing to stand out from the rest? I heard / saw some elevator speeches the other day by folks who were highly professional. Yet, their pitches failed to demonstrate what the “pitchee” could do for the person being pitched.

Think Hollywood for your career. Those pitching screenplays to be purchased often do an “A” meets “B” to get the attention of a studio. A new screenplay might be “Forrest Gump meets The Dark Knight.” I’d see that one–it is about a conflicted, history-making simpleton who fights crime at night.

You get the idea–merging two easily digestible concepts helps folks to relate to and identify with what your pitching. And because they UNDERSTAND what you are talking about (they RELATE to those two very well-known movies), they’ll actually LISTEN to your simple pitch.

The TwitterVator Speech is your results-oriented elevator speech (unique selling proposition) done in a compelling 140 characters or less. It fits in a twitter or a linked in update box…and that is all most people want to digest in today’s information-rich age.

America’s Job Coach will create free TwitterVator Speeches for the first 3 people who contact him through this blog. Hope to hear from you!

America’s Job Coach
Author: “Laid Off & Loving It for 2010

PS: Now I need to write and pitch that movie…if you do it first remember to send me a check!!

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