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Top 5 Business Blogging Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Top 5 Business Blogging Mistakes and How to Avoid Them.

If  you are considering adding a blog in order to promote yourself and your career, you need to know the info about blogging contained in the attached article, originally from American Express OPEN Forum and then reposted on (and now here).

Get going on your blog– a great way to self promote!!

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Job Seekers Improved Their Chances From Recent Events

America’s Job Coach was honored to address two groups recently…one “general mix” group of job seekers/career improvers at Christ Community Church in Omaha. The event lasted well beyond its ending time due to the interest of the participants. Jeff Quandt and Sally Cohen (of helped out. Thanks to and for their support of this event.

Also in the first half of July Paul addressed a group of 20 faculty / staff of the now-closed Dana College in Blair, NE. Attendees represented some of the shell-shocked former employees there who were thrust out into the street after the abrupt closure of the fine college.

At the workshop we addressed the stages of grief, occupational fears, self marketing, thinking outside box etc. Addressing the group’s varied needs was a challenge but 7 of the participants elected to come back a week later. There we had a small group session and addressed each attendee’s specific needs in a focused way.

The event ran LATE because of the group’s interest and enthusiasm. They all appeared energized due to the meeting. Lutheran Church of Master in Omaha sponsored this support for Dana College and First Lutheran in Blair hosted the physical meetings. Thanks to both!

Some comments from the attendees appear on the America’s Job Coach linked in page (Paul David Madsen. America’s Job Coach is very busy critiquing and repairing many resumes of those attendees who wanted the help.

One key take-away from the activities above was this:

Don’t look/sound “like everyone else.” Is your resume a job description or a career obituary? Make it a vibrant piece that describes your professional results in a way that shows potential employers that you are a “results-getting insider.” Position yourself in a way that shows you not only know the field but you are an immediate contributor to your EMPLOYER’S well being.

THAT will help separate you from the hundreds of others who are also compteting for that same job!

Paul David Madsen

Time is Almost Up!

Time is running out!! The last registrations for “Hidden Job Market Revealed” will be tomorrow, Friday, July 9. Still time to slide in:

For Immediate Release:
“Hidden Job Market Revealed”

Leading Omaha Church & Job Coach Team Up to Serve the Underemployed

July 8, 2010 Omaha, Nebraska USA

Omaha’s Christ Community Church teams with America’s Job Coach, Paul David Madsen, author of “Laid Off & Loving It for 2010,” to serve the region’s unemployed, underemployed and “restless” workers.

Christ Community’s career support ministry ( is in its 2nd year of operating a unique job search ministry which caters to those struggling in today’s economy. Mike Familetti and Jeff Quandt, volunteers with this ministry at the congregation, announce an upcoming workshop with Paul David Madsen, America’s Job Coach.

“Madsen will lead a hands-on, interactive session on self marketing in this economy,” states Familetti. “Job seekers have heard enough advice about dressing right on interviews and basic resume hints. Madsen’s workshop goes beyond that.”
Madsen, a job placement coach for two dozen years explains it this way: “Too many people don’t recognize their unique skills and knowledge. They ‘spray and pray’ – sending their resumes everywhere, praying that something will stick. Employers are buried in resumes so job seekers need to find, package, and sell their unique strengths into deep niches. Social media tools can help job seekers and Sally Cohen of will be on hand.”

Familetti says the workshop will send participants into the market with renewed focus and enthusiasm. “Everyone will leave with a sense of their niche and what to do with that.”

Space is limited to assure personalized results. The course runs 9:30 AM to Noon on Saturday, July 10 at Christ Community Church (404 South 108th Avenue Omaha 68154). All attendees must preregister through or by calling 402.909.1320.
Unemployed people may preregister and attend at no cost (or for a free-will donation of $5).

Others can preregister and attend for no charge if they show proof of purchase of Madsen’s book, “Laid Off & Loving It for 2010” OR, attendees can pay $19 at the door if they are preregistered. Registration will close after 36 attendees are signed up.
Register at

For more information contact: Omaha, NE

* * *

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Dana College Jobs: Here Today; Gone Tomorrow!

It can happen anywhere, anytime. The Dana College Faculty and Staff probably felt they had a lock on the future with a new owner/manager in place for July 1, 2010. Then an important piece of the puzzle didn’t fall into place and “BOOM !” 150 people with no jobs in Blair, Nebraska.

Thankfully other colleges are stepping up to hire many of Dana’s talented folks and the students are getting many choices of where to finish their academic careers. They likely wanted to finish out at Dana but they at least will have some choices in front of them.

Hopefully all of Dana’s employees will see the same level of “wooing” as the students are getting. To support the abrupt transition faced by Dana faculty and staff, America’s Job Coach is honored to lead a workshop to help them. The press release follows:

Dana College Employee Transition Workshop

Due to the abrupt job disruption faced by Dana College employees, a workshop has been set up to help the recently laid off people. Lutheran Church of the Master in Omaha has engaged Paul David Madsen ‘80, an Omaha-based career strategist to lead a job hunting workshop for ex-Dana employees.

Madsen, a graduate of Dana, has worked in the staffing, placement and job coaching sectors in this region for over two decades. He released his new book, “Laid Off & Loving It for 2010” earlier this year. “Nobody in the Dana College community loves the recent events. The book’s title is a way to help job seekers realize the importance of attitude as they move forward during stressful times,” says Madsen.

The hands-on, practical workshop can help those who have not had to look for jobs for awhile. Also, those who feel they are in narrow niches with limited marketability can benefit. “The goal is to help people shave months of time off their job searches. ‘Trial and error’ is a slow and expensive way to get re-employed,” states Mr. Madsen who brands himself as “America’s Job Coach.”

The event will be held at First Lutheran Church in Blair on Wednesday, July 7 from 1:30 PM to 4:30 PM. There is no cost to former Dana employees, but pre-registration is required by sending an email to or calling 402-333-4444. Attendees should bring any new or old resume they have.

Information about Mr. Madsen is available at

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Get Up Off Your Assets!

Learn how at the “Hidden Job Market Revealed” workshop on 7/10/10 at Christ Community Church in Omaha. Register now as the course is filling !

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