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Don’t Be a “99er”

Just heard a new term the other day…”A 99er.” Those of you who are on long-term unemployment compensation through your state know what that is: After 99 weeks on unemployment, the government stops paying you.

Is this right? Should this happen? What about folks who are trying to find a job but just can’t…does the government owe them even more than 99 weeks of unemployment insurance compensation? Sound off via a comment on this blog if you’d like.

99 weeks is nearly two years. America’s Job Coach thinks most folks should be able to find SOME kind of job in that amount of time. Yes, many will have to move down since the kind of job they used to do at their old pay rate may not exist anymore.

AJC says that if the best accomplishment you have on your resume for the last two years is your strong ability to cash an unemployment check, then you don’t have very much appeal to a potential employer if you do luck into a job interview!

Do it…take something to have something. You may take a pay cut from the unemployment rate in order to get one of these “move down” jobs. But again, you will show a potential “real” employer (the kind you used to have) that you are ambitious enough to do “whatever it takes.”

I know there are thousands of actual cases of discrimination, disability and disproportionate pay etc. out there. I am not trying to make anyone mad here and realize there is always a story behind the story.

I am simply suggesting that all of us need to focus on contributing to any employer (or customer if you form your own little firm while you job hunt) while you work to avoid becoming a 99er.

You can do it!! Maybe some coaching videos from Doug Hindman (jobsearchguru channel) on can help.

Paul David Madsen
America’s Job Coach
Author of “Laid Off & Loving It For 2010”

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Well Paying Part Time Jobs While You Search!


via : Job Loss Recovery Resources.

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Job Seekers Can’t Count!

While interviewing candidates for jobs today (via telephone) I listened to a them go on and on about what they “can” do. They describe in a little detail on their resumes and on the phone what they know, but nobody can count !

What do I mean? I mean that if your resume is a “career obituary” you are in trouble. Does your resume or your interview “fodder” drone on without discussing RESULTS? If you are not listing what you ACCOMPLISHED, then pack it up!

Your competitors who are GETTING jobs by saying things like, “I increased sales of XYZ product in the northeastern territory by 32% over the previous 2 years,” or, “my virtualization project took the shop from 42 servers down to 6, saving the data center $X per year.”

You get the drift: QUANTIFY what you are doing out there! Your competitors are! Don’t have your resume be a job description with your address on it or a career obituary (“He lived / worked from A to B”).

Potential employers don’t give two hoots what YOU want (“I am seeking a dynamic employer where I can learn and grow…”); in this economy with 15 million people unemployed, they care more about what you BRING to the table (seek to contribute 12 years of subject matter expertise in ABC into the XYZ industry by utilizing superior DEF skills”). Too much alphabet soup but you get the idea. Right?

Then do it!!

America’s Job Coach
author of “
Laid Off & Loving It for 2010

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