Jobs, jobs, jobs….

With the Republican convention ramping up the jobs and economy debate is in full swing (or should be). What do  you think?  Have some jobs left our shores forever? Have other jobs become automated or made obsolete due to technology?  Will we ever get under 8% unemployment again?  Let’s hear YOUR thoughts…

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  1. This election is about the economy and jobs. Certainly what has been tried by the current administration is not working and perhaps holding businesses back from growing and taking on more risk.

    I hope there is a change in what the GOP offers over what the GOP of 2000-2006 was doing, which is to say, spend like the democrats, compromise values and set the course for the ditch. Right now we are headed to the cliff faster than before. Some sanity has to be restored in DC and it is really up to everyone that votes to keep their elected officials’ “feet to the fire” and communicate to them regularly.

    I for one do not want to see 8% unemployment, $4 a gallon gas and high prices as the new normal.

    We have to “unleash the economic engine of the economy” and that is business, not government.

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