Celebrate the Young But Watch Out for the “OLD”

America’s Job Coach just read an article celebrating the “young” talent in a specific city and how great it is that people under 40 chose to grow their businesses in said Midwestern city.  I agree that brain drain is bad and I too want young, innovative talent to dig roots and do  business in towns which need that commerce. 

What America’s Job Coach gets tired of sometimes is the UNSPOKEN words behind articles of these themes–the implication that “senior” or “seasoned” or “mature” workers (read: over 50 years old) “must not have much left to contribute.”  

You hear about “The 40 under 40” awards for top “young” business and community leaders, and God bless them all…we need to celebrate that.  

But hey, all of you who are over “about” 50 years old…you still have plenty of fuel left in your tank, right? PLUS, you have the luxury of experience!  

Please share YOUR story of innovations, creations and contributions in our comments section. 

Also, remember to read about innovators and career changers in “Laid Off & Loving It for 2010” (on Amazon.com).   Yes, the title is dated but the concepts are TIMELESS!! 


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