Do As I Say, Not As I Do…

OK, OK… I am guilty! 

This community forum is about my facilitation of helpful career advice from cyberspace. The advice is from and for people who are in some form of transition as they enter and go through their fifties.   But here is the problem:

I have failed you!

I have found that the older people get, the more they like routine. We all have those older relatives who want to know two weeks ahead of time what time a dinner event is scheduled for. That way they can mentally prepare for it days in advance and be ready two hours ahead of actual event. 

While I obviously don’t think people in their 50’s and 60’s are OLD, I do realize that CONSISTENCY matters. I don’t know if the elasticity and suppleness of youth is gone by ones’ fifth decade or what it is, but people like routine as they progress in their lives.  Yes, I can show you some anal retentive 22 year  olds as well, but you know what I mean.

Routine matters. Routine matters when you are building a career, a family a fortune, or just about anything. Yes, we can “luck into” something good in those categories on occasion, but with regard to job hunting or career transitioning, the value of “routine” is high. 

I won’t repeat the often told tales of how Michael Jordan or Tiger Woods or many well-known, high profile sports, cultural or business performers have reached their achievement levels due to nearly obsessive levels of drill, repetition and routine. 

But I have failed you, dear blog readers, due to MY lack of routine. You haven’t known when to check back in on this blog because you don’t know when the new stuff is going to be posted.  And with all the noise on the internet, you are unlikely to come back if you don’t know when to do so. 

I have been inconsistent because I too often waited for a juicy, success story of some formerly laid off person.  They may be in dialog with me via this blog or directly with me through Or, I also hesitated when  “Suzie” was asking me about resume guidance and I waited to tell her story until it was complete. 

No more. I will not make you keep wondering and waiting for these tidbits. Even if the stories are not complete, I’ll throw out relevant, confidential career dilemmas so you the reader can comment on them and hopefully add your helpful comments to this career advice community. 

I will do a better job of “communing” with and communicating to this advice community. No more long pauses between posts while waiting for the other shoe to drop. No more hesitation for “perfect” content before throwing out some relevant stuff. People who need your advice so I will give you the chance to give it. 

YOU can keep this community helpful, relevant, entertaining and inspirational by offering your stories or the stories of people you know who succeeded (or didn’t). I can talk about how Brett Favre was laid off and loving it but I’d rather hear about how your neighbor got cut after 24 years with a Fortune 500 company and then started her own successful consulting company (like the woman did in Laid Off & Loving It For 2010.

I will strive to be more consistent and routine with my content posts here. You’ll see SOMETHING new and relevant almost every day.

Thanks for your loyal following and thanks also for your input and comments which will only make this community more vibrant. 

And speaking of dinner plans, it is time me to execute mine!  

Career Transition hint for today:  Be CONSISTENT in your job hunt efforts. Don’t fluctuate despite discouragement.  More about that later next week…

Is Social Media a Black Hole in (my)Space?

This 50-week blog project is a ’community of career advice’  for 50 “career-transitioners” who are over 50 years old.  

Please pardon my multiple day absence from this blog–it is due to MY OWN career dilemma.  Since this blog offers community career advice for 50+ Year-olds, I select MYSELF as this week’s subject.    

In my new book, Laid Off & Loving It For 2010, I tell job seekers and small business promoters to consider, based on their goals, a wide social media footprint. This is because few of us know which social media platform holds the highest number of intended “targets.” Therefore, casting a wide net can be wise, at least until you get a feel for the “right” tool.  

I was AWOL (not AOL) on this blog for several days because of my time spent with  several social media tools. The subtitle of my book is “Rebuilding Your Career or Small Business With Social Media’s Help.”  Because of that I basically HAVE TO be exposed on several fronts in order to be credible.  But therein lies the rub:  


Like many of you who want to improve your public profiles and networks “out there,” I have a family, a job, outside activities, and only a limited number of waking hours to glare at an unforgiving computer. But in the last month I have completed:

I am notbragging about getting all that done. A smarter, faster person could have done all that much quicker and better than I did. Many have. I been working on these projects for months. I simply list those accomplishments because I recently confirmed what a black hole social media can be.  My previous social media efforts were more insidious. This time it was a huge, all-encompassing sprint.  

If you plan to really crunch hard with Social Media, be prepared for lots of “chair time.”  If you plan to have 1,000 twitter followers or a FaceBook family of 400, or a LinkedIn profile of 500+, get ready to ignore other things in your life.  I did. 

Fortunately I have an understanding family that supports the launch of my new book. Mymain sacrifice has been on the health front. I have skipped a lot of exercise to accomplish the above results…with some “heavy” consequences. 

So what are yourgoals for Social Media? If you are just going to jab at Social Media for a few minutes each week, I contend it won’t do much for you. On the other hand, if you are going to pound away on Twitter or FaceBook , etc. for 30 hours a week, you’ll likely be giving up something else in life. 

You read of my “weighty” dilemma caused by high use of social media. This blog serves as a community career forum, so please share your ideas for people like me. What advice do you have for Social Media junkies who “need” to be out there at an “above average” level, but may be spending too much time on it? 

  • Do you know some shortcuts that will save time while maximizing these new and seductive tools?  
  • Do you know people who are worshiping way too much at the altar of Social Media?
  • Do you know of someone who has been fired for excessive or improper use of social media tools at work? That’s the  antithesis of how social media can help a career!

What advice do you have for them (us)? 

…And yes, I know…45 mintues a day on the treadmill!


America’s Job Coach