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Leading Omaha Church & Job Coach Team Up to Serve the Underemployed

June 22, 2010 Omaha, Nebraska USA

Omaha’s Christ Community Church teams with America’s Job Coach, Paul David Madsen, author of “Laid Off & Loving It for 2010,” to serve the region’s unemployed, underemployed and “restless” workers.

Christ Community’s career support ministry (www.godlyjobsearch.com) is in its 2nd year of operating a unique job search ministry which caters to those struggling in today’s economy. Mike Familetti and Jeff Quandt, volunteers with this ministry at the congregation, announce an upcoming workshop with Paul David Madsen, America’s Job Coach.

“Madsen will lead a hands-on, interactive session on self marketing in this economy,” states Familetti. “Job seekers have heard enough advice about dressing right on interviews and basic resume hints. Madsen’s workshop goes beyond that.”

Madsen, a job placement coach for two dozen years explains it this way: “Too many people don’t recognize their unique skills and knowledge. They ‘spray and pray’ – sending their resumes everywhere, praying that something will stick. Employers are buried in resumes so job seekers need to find, package, and sell their unique strengths into deep niches. Social media tools can help.”

Familetti says the workshop will send participants into the market with renewed focus and enthusiasm. “Everyone will leave with a sense of their niche and what to do with that.”

Space is limited to assure personalized results. The course runs 9:30 AM to Noon on Saturday, July 10 at Christ Community Church (404 South 108th Avenue Omaha 68154). All attendees must preregister through http://www.growmedia.com or by calling 402.909.1320.

Unemployed people may preregister and attend at no cost (or for a free-will donation of $5). Others can preregister and attend for no charge if they show proof of purchase of Madsen’s book, “Laid Off & Loving It for 2010” OR, attendees can pay $19 at the door if they are preregistered. Registration will close after 36 attendees are signed up.
Register at http://www.growmedia.com

For more information visit www.Growmedia.com

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Are Women Smarter and More Employable?

In a word, “Yes.”

According to recent news stories, women now hold more degrees than men. Also, in the current “he-cession,” 10% of men are unemployed verses 8% of women.

You can slice and dice figures all day and make your own conclusions about these trends as stated by a 2009 US Census Bureau report, but the bottom line is the bottom line: More women than men have undergraduate and graduate degrees and men’s unemployment is higher than women’s.

Yes, you are right–perhaps women hold more jobs in government, healthcare and education which are areas that have not been hurt as much during the Great Recession, but guys…we need to pick it up a bit.

Let’s learn from the women…choose “stable” career fields, keep learning, and market yourself.

One tool to help guys (and gals) to do improved self-marketing is the Twittervator Speech-your sales pitch about you. It is your “compelling offer” which is both digestible and interesting for a potential employer. Oh yeah, it is done in 140 characters or less to accommodate today’s social media trends. Come on those of you over 50 years old…you can (and must?) play on this field!

America’s Job Coach is currently doing FREE Twittervator speeches to the first ten folks who request them. Just go to www.americasjobcoach.com to contact me, or, you can open a dialog via your comments to this blog.

Learn more about TwitterVator Speeches in the blockbuster: “Laid Off & Loving It for 2010

And way to go women!

America’s Job Coach

Forrest Gump Meets The Dark Knight & Your Elevator Speech

The feds have told us things “aren’t quite as bad” out there for those seeking work. Tell that to someone who hasn’t yet found a job!

There are still more job seekers than jobs so what are YOU doing to stand out from the rest? I heard / saw some elevator speeches the other day by folks who were highly professional. Yet, their pitches failed to demonstrate what the “pitchee” could do for the person being pitched.

Think Hollywood for your career. Those pitching screenplays to be purchased often do an “A” meets “B” to get the attention of a studio. A new screenplay might be “Forrest Gump meets The Dark Knight.” I’d see that one–it is about a conflicted, history-making simpleton who fights crime at night.

You get the idea–merging two easily digestible concepts helps folks to relate to and identify with what your pitching. And because they UNDERSTAND what you are talking about (they RELATE to those two very well-known movies), they’ll actually LISTEN to your simple pitch.

The TwitterVator Speech is your results-oriented elevator speech (unique selling proposition) done in a compelling 140 characters or less. It fits in a twitter or a linked in update box…and that is all most people want to digest in today’s information-rich age.

America’s Job Coach will create free TwitterVator Speeches for the first 3 people who contact him through this blog. Hope to hear from you!

America’s Job Coach
Author: “Laid Off & Loving It for 2010

PS: Now I need to write and pitch that movie…if you do it first remember to send me a check!!

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Breaking News: 89.2% Are Now Employed!

From the glass is half full department: 89.2 % of the nation’s workforce is EMPLOYED!

This headline is a simple reminder to stay as optimistic as possible when the media is trumpeting the “worst unemployment rate in 26 years.” Nobody who is looking for work wants to hear that negative drumbeat!

So what to do if you seek better/new employment while things are in a downward spiral?

Some people have responded by “going solo.” This is where they assess their strengths, package their abilities to address their niche, and then peddle their wares/skills as independents.

Entire books have been written about this strategy and its inherent pluses and minuses. “Laid Off and Loving It For 2010” also addresses this topic in several chapters.

The reason this strategy may be practical now is that there is still work to be done “out there.” The stock market is up over the recent past because companies have cut labor costs to the bone but are still selling some stuff. Their lower costs have translated into good stock market results.

But, as mentioned, there is still work to be done out there. And employers like their thin/tight staffs, but realize that they still need some hands on the deck to keep their boats running.

Except for the Information Technology industry, this “going solo” approach may be a way for you to help firms get their work done. Using your talents as a solo practitioner may allow employers to bring you in and pay you while NOT having to add the new hires which they seem to be against adding.

More on this topic across the next few weeks. In the meantime, share YOUR stories of solo success or even failure here in this blog. Let’s learn from each other and celebrate that over 89% of the workforce is employed!

America’s Job Coach

The 50 Over 50 Project

As we reflect today about 9/11, we are all brought back to remembering just what we were doing at the moment of the attacks. And we also reflect on  the “Pre 9/11 USA” and the “Post 9/11 USA.” 

Before the attacks, the nation was winding down from a somewhat “happy place.” The economic climate was just starting to head downward. The  recent burst of the  “dot com bubble” was starting to be felt, but “The Roaring 90’s” were still a fresh, positive memory. There were cracks in the workplace wall, but the it was still standing.  

After 9/11 we were shocked, rattled, distrustful, and suspicious.  Employers  froze and began robust layoffs.  Innocence was also lost due to distrust of firms like Enron, WorldCom and others. The tragic events of the 9/11 directly affected millions of Americans who had no relationship to the dead (other than our shared citizenship).  The paradigm of job security and endless prosperity collapsed.    

But, America’s citizens are a resilient lot. And today isn’t only about looking back. As long as we never forget, I think it is OK to look ahead and learn from the past. 

Since this is an employment-related blog, I ask am asking you what  has changed for you or your vocation over the past 8 years?  How did this tradgey affect your career? What is different about your work, “Pre-verses-Post?”  Consider sharing your story…    

Never Forgetting,


PS: Check out Labor Day’s first post to this blog to learn about the mission of The 50 Over 50 Project.